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Respond to Government

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using AI

Rogue is a game changer for the govcon community. It has dramatically reduced our response times and helped us immensely with the structure and overall quality of the responses. The chat capability produces extremely meaningful content and other features like expand, concise, and paraphrase help shape it into a gold level draft. Highly recommend this tool!!

War Room

All your documents in one place

Make it easy for your team to keep track of solicitation responses. No more digging through emails or shared drives.


AI Powered Editor

Document editor on steroids


With our powerful AI editor trained on proposal responses, you can do the heavy lifting and leave the boring work to the AI.

Smart Chat

A truly smart AI assistant

A ChatGPT but just for YOUR documents and RFP. Rogue One is a smart AI assistant that can answer questions about your documents and help you respond to the government effectively. Say goodbye to asking Jimmy for that best in class past performance snippet 😉


P.S. Your content is yours and it only improves YOUR experience, not everyone else on the platform's.

Never get DQ'ed because of non compliance

Upload your RFP and Rogue will shred it to give you a full compliance matrix.



Build templates effortlessly from your RFP

Upload your RFP and let us do the work. We generate templates for your documents so you never have to spend time stressing about formulaics.


Create and Edit templates

With rogue, you can create templates for your documents and resuse them. You can also pick from standard templates and presets



Rearrange sections and enhance with AI

With rogue, you can easily modify your templates. You can also enhance your templates with AI to make them even better



Templates in your proposals

Whenever you are writing a proposal, you can bootstrap it with the templates that you've created or picked from the library.


Skip the parts you hate

Prop writing doesn't have to feel like a chore

Rogue is the only AI writing assistant specifically trained to help you write responses to Sources Sought, Requests for information, and Requests for Proposals.

Where other AI writing tools trail off into meaningless nonsense, or AI drivel, Rogue delivers

From a blank screen

To a response


Rogue lets you focus on your Technical Approach

Get your technical team to write a few bullet points with your approach, then use Rogue's AI to expand that into a full blown technical volume.


If you hate the feeling of staring at a blank page

Sidestep the grind with Rogue

Frequently asked questions

Are there any training or onboarding resources available for new users?

Yes, we offer a range of tutorials, tips and tricks, and knowledge articles to help users get acquainted with all of Rogue's features.

What is Rogue's RFP shredder?

Manually sifting through solicitations and outlining volumes can be time-consuming. Our RFP Shredder accelerates this by identifying the volumes you'll want to address. You can then effortlessly add relevant section headers in the “Templates” section to guide your writing.

What is Rogue Deep Dive?

Rogue Deep Dive is part of how Rogue uses your content (winning proposals, resumes, past performance, etc.) to customize the AI to generate content specific to your company.

What's the protocol for handling sensitive information like CUI?

We prioritize your data's security, which is why Rogue is NIST 800-171 compliant and suitable for storing and processing CUI data.

If I'm proposing to the same opportunity as someone else, will we end of with identical or highly similar proposals?

No, because your generations are informed by every generation you have done previously. Even if you and another user started from scratch on the same opportunity having never before used Rogue, your input to the model (RLHF) will quickly diverge your generation outputs.

How does document exporting work?

Our documents are crafted in a universal markup language, making it a breeze to copy and paste into any writing tool. When you transfer content from Rogue into your editor, it seamlessly matches your existing format. We've found this approach to be more straightforward than traditional export tools.

Is Rogue integrated with ChatGPT?

Rogue is designed to be ahead of the curve. We're model agnostic, ensuring flexibility to adapt to the best AI models available. Currently, we're integrated with Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI GPT-4, fine-tuned to align with government proposal writing standards.

How often is the Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI GPT updated within Rogue

We maintain a close partnership with Microsoft and ensure that we're always using the latest and most optimized version of OpenAI GPT.

How does Rogue handle multi-user collaboration?

Rogue supports multi-user collaboration, allowing teams to work together seamlessly in the same documents at the same time. With features like real-time editing and feedback, teams can efficiently produce content in a collaborative environment.

Does my data make the model better for my competitors?

No, your data is kept private within your organization's database.

How can I incorporate my old content into Rogue?

It's simple! Just upload your content via the Data Shelf, and let our system do the rest. You can then use the deep dive function in chat to pull information from your data shelf.

How does Rogue handle Sections L&M?

Our AI smartly parses Sections L&M to generate an outline, allowing you to seamlessly integrate relevant sections from C into the template for the volume, optimizing your content creation process.

Can I upload resumes to Rogue?

Absolutely! You can upload resumes via the Rogue Data Shelf.

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