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Simple, Powerful Features

Rogue is packed with powerful features to supercharge your proposal writing process and help you close more contracts.

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Everything you need for
writing the best proposals

AI RFP Writer For Smooth Sailing

Rogue AI RFP Writer helps you get up and running with your RFPs in no time. Simply Enter your document title, description and template and Rogue will automatically generate a RFP Proposal Document for you to use.
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Instant Pink Team Draft

Pull existing document's context into the document that you want to create. Instant Pink Team Draft helps you get up and running with your RFPs in no time.
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Precision Focus

With Rogue Precision Focus, type @ to bring in all your already uploaded content and Rogue will automatically generate a document for you to use.
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Rogue Smart Bar

Say goodbye to prompt engineering. Smart bar helps you edit your proposals with ease. Head onto your response, highlight the text and click any button to edit your proposal.
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Rogue Chat

A chat on steroids which is speciliazed only for writing proposals. Rogue chat can pull your existing documents, create compliance items and generate content based on your needs.
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Data Shelf

Data Shelf is a place where you can store all your data. You can upload your data and you can reference them later on in the document.
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Rogue Templates

Save your templates one time and use themm forever. Rogue allows you to write your own templates and generate content based on that.
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Compliance Matrix Generator

Compliance Matrix Generator helps you generate a compliance matrix based on your RFP. Simply upload your RFP and Rogue will automatically generate a compliance matrix for you to use.
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Compliance Checker

Compliance Checker helps you check your compliance matrix based on your RFP. In the document, with the click of a button, you will be able to know if your document is compliant
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Proposal Management

With Rogue's Kanban Board, you can manage your proposals with ease. Simply drag and drop your documents to the next stage and Rogue will automatically update the status for you.
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Snippets allows you to save your content and use them later on in your document. Simply highlight the text and click on the snippet to insert the content.
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Document History

Never lose your document history. Rogue automatically saves your document history and you can revert back to any version of your document.
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Collaborative Editing

Rogue allows you to collaborate with your team members in real time. Simply share the document with your team members start editing documents.
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Generate Templates from your Documents

With Rogue AI, you can generate templates from your existing documents. Simply upload your documents and Rogue will automatically generate a template for you to use.
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Frequently asked questions

Are there any training or onboarding resources available for new users?

Yes, we offer a range of tutorials, tips and tricks, and knowledge articles to help users get acquainted with all of Rogue's features.

What is Rogue's RFP shredder?

Manually sifting through solicitations and outlining volumes can be time-consuming. Our RFP Shredder accelerates this by identifying the volumes you'll want to address. You can then effortlessly add relevant section headers in the “Templates” section to guide your writing.

What is Rogue Deep Dive?

Rogue Deep Dive is part of how Rogue uses your content (winning proposals, resumes, past performance, etc.) to customize the AI to generate content specific to your company.

What's the protocol for handling sensitive information like CUI?

We prioritize your data's security, which is why Rogue is NIST 800-171 compliant and suitable for storing and processing CUI data.

If I'm proposing to the same opportunity as someone else, will we end of with identical or highly similar proposals?

No, because your generations are informed by every generation you have done previously. Even if you and another user started from scratch on the same opportunity having never before used Rogue, your input to the model (RLHF) will quickly diverge your generation outputs.

How does document exporting work?

Our documents are crafted in a universal markup language, making it a breeze to copy and paste into any writing tool. When you transfer content from Rogue into your editor, it seamlessly matches your existing format. We've found this approach to be more straightforward than traditional export tools.

Is Rogue integrated with ChatGPT?

Rogue is designed to be ahead of the curve. We're model agnostic, ensuring flexibility to adapt to the best AI models available. Currently, we're integrated with Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI GPT-4, fine-tuned to align with government proposal writing standards.

How often is the Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI GPT updated within Rogue

We maintain a close partnership with Microsoft and ensure that we're always using the latest and most optimized version of OpenAI GPT.

How does Rogue handle multi-user collaboration?

Rogue supports multi-user collaboration, allowing teams to work together seamlessly in the same documents at the same time. With features like real-time editing and feedback, teams can efficiently produce content in a collaborative environment.

Does my data make the model better for my competitors?

No, your data is kept private within your organization's database.

How can I incorporate my old content into Rogue?

It's simple! Just upload your content via the Data Shelf, and let our system do the rest. You can then use the deep dive function in chat to pull information from your data shelf.

How does Rogue handle Sections L&M?

Our AI smartly parses Sections L&M to generate an outline, allowing you to seamlessly integrate relevant sections from C into the template for the volume, optimizing your content creation process.

Can I upload resumes to Rogue?

Absolutely! You can upload resumes via the Rogue Data Shelf.