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Compliance Checker

Compliance Checker helps you check your compliance matrix based on your RFP. In the document, with the click of a button, you will be able to know if your document is compliant
Precision Focus

Always be 100% compliant

One of the most time consuming (and important) parts of writing a proposal is making sure it is compliant. If you're not compliant, you make the government proposal evaluator's job really easy, because they can disqualify you.

Historically, at Rogue, we have told people that compliance checking should stay a human task since it is so important. However, that doesn't mean AI can't help! So we built an AI compliance checker into Rogue.

Once you upload or have AI create your compliance matrix inside Rogue, all you have to do to check whether your compliance matrix item is addressed in your document is click a button. Our AI will scan the document and give you the exact text of where you address the item as well as the location where you addressed it.

Automating compliance checking is important because it lets you focus on the bigger picture (think: winning and differentiating yourself vs just trying to be compliant)

You can use the compliance checker inside of any Rogue document. Just:

Open the compliance matrix tab (inside your document)
Click check compliance on an item
Rogue's AI will add a reference to where you addressed the compliance matrix item
If you haven't addressed it yet, toggle deep dive on and click "Generate draft content" for Rogue to use your historical documents to generate content that addresses the compliance matrix item.