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Rogue Smart Bar

Say goodbye to prompt engineering. Smart bar helps you edit your proposals with ease. Head onto your response, highlight the text and click any button to edit your proposal.
Precision Focus

Say goodbye to prompt engineering

We hear over and over: "I hate prompt engineering"

You already know what you want to write, and proposal writing is more of an art than a science most of the time. What if there was a quick way to get you there?

Say hello to our new smart bar. This nifty little helper is all about making your text just the way you want it. Need more words? Or maybe less? No worries. Trying to get those pesky grammar rules right? We've got you covered. Want to break things down into simple bullet points? Consider it done. Or, hey, just want to make your stuff more readable? We're on it. And if you know exactly what you need, drop a 1 liner and the AI will whip you some content right up. You highlight. We write. Easy as that.

If you're in the middle of a proposal and can't find the right words to say (or just want to transform those technical bullet points your SME sent you into something that can go into your proposal) — your life just got easier. Because you can do all of that with the click of a button.

Head into any document
Highlight some text
Click a button on the bar that pops up right above the highlighted text 🫶