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Pro Tip #2: Power Writing

Pro Tip #2: Power Writing

Want to jet power your writing, try this…

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    Want to write your organic content a lot faster? Here’s one way to do it.

    Step 1: Put a number of items in a sentence separated by commas, like a long run-on sentence, something like: “Acme corp will use a distributed management structure that incorporates a number of virtual presence technologies including common chat applications like Teams and Slack, weekly stand-up and stand-down meetings, monthly all-hands meetings, Metaverse meeting spaces, common document repositories, and robust employee technology suites that are optimized for virtual work”

    Super long right? Whew, I’m tired from just reading it.

    Step 2: Select that whole soup of text and hit the expand tool

    Step 3: typically the expand tool will take that run-on sentence and break each salient point into a separate paragraph

    Step 4: Start expanding on each individual paragraph, it’s much more readable.

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