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Pro Tip #3: Expand-Paraphrase-Concise Chain

Pro Tip #3: Expand-Paraphrase-Concise Chain

Want some really robust content, try this tool chain

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    Sometimes you just need one good paragraph that has a lot of good content but doesn’t take up a whole page. Try this:

    Step 1: Organic content, let’s start with the same sentence from Pro Tip #2:

    “Acme corp will use a distributed management structure that incorporates a number of virtual presence technologies including common chat applications like Teams and Slack, weekly stand-up and stand-down meetings, monthly all-hands meetings, Metaverse meeting spaces, common document repositories, and robust employee technology suites that are optimized for virtual work”

    Step 2: Now select all of it and hit the expand tool again

    You’ll end up with the same page or more of content that you had in pro tip #2

    Step 3: now select all of this new content and hit the paraphrase tool

    Now the section of content is condensed into one flowing paragraph of content, mixing the same sense as the starting sentence with a little depth, but not a whole page.

    “Acme Corp, intends to use advanced technologies to create a management structure that allows for seamless communication and collaboration among team members. They have presented a detailed plan in this proposal that outlines how they will achieve this goal through the integration of various virtual presence technologies. Acme Corp will use a range of popular chat applications like Teams and Slack to enable quick and easy communication between team members. They will also hold weekly meetings to ensure everyone is on the same page and address any potential issues. Monthly meetings will be conducted to provide broader updates on the project's progress. To enhance collaboration, Acme Corp will use Metaverse meeting spaces, which simulate a physical meeting environment. They will also use common document repositories to store all project-related documents in a central location that team members can access from anywhere. Finally, Acme Corp will provide employees with technology suites designed specifically for remote work, including all necessary hardware and software. These virtual presence technologies will enable Acme Corp to effectively manage projects in a distributed work environment.”

    Step 4: If you need to tighten it up further, you can select this section and hit the concise tool,

    “Acme Corp will use virtual presence technologies for seamless communication and collaboration. This includes popular chat apps, weekly and monthly meetings, Metaverse meeting spaces, and centralized document repositories. They will also provide employees with technology suites for remote work.”

    Obviously less robust and interesting than what’s above, but it is still more readable than the starting sentence.

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