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Pro Tip #5: Templates

Pro Tip #5: Templates

Save time by saving standard content in response templates

If you respond to SBIRs, task order IDIQ’s, or other announcements that follow common patterns, save yourself time and error by saving standard content in your templates.

Step 1: Select Templates

Step 2: Start a new Template

Step 3: Insert the structured outline for a response, as you would with any template.

Step 4: Put in section headers for your template, such as these for a common DoD SBIR Phase

Identification and Significance of the Problem or Opportunity.

Phase I Technical Objectives.

Phase I Statement of Work (including Subcontractors’ Efforts)

Relationship with Future Research or Research and Development

Commercialization Strategy.

Key Personnel.

Foreign Citizens.



Prior, Current, or Pending Support of Similar Proposals or Awards.

Identification and Significance of the Problem or Opportunity.

Step 5: hit "save" in the top right corner. select the drop down next to the save button and select "live"

Step 6: select "create a new proposal

Step 7: select new document

Step 8: select the "use a template" toggle

10. Pick the template you just made

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