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Expert GPT Tools

Expert GPT Tools

Smart Cards and Custom GPTs for Your GovCon Needs

Custom GPTs

Proposal Red Team Bot - upload your proposal and solicitation and have the GPT evaluate your proposal strength.

Proposal Visuals Bot - need a desktop publisher to make proposal visuals? tell this bot what you need.

SBIR Award GPT - curious whether a technology has been developed under an SBIR? Use this chat.

RFI Response Bot - it's a bot built for writing RFI responses.

J-Book Bot - Chat with the DoD Budget Books - search the mountain of DoD budget books in one place with chat.

FAR/DFAR GPT - search the mountain of acquisition regulations in one place with chat.

Rogue Army Tactical Advisor - we loaded a bunch of Army manuals and taught the GPT to act like a tactical advisor.

OV-1 Maker - for the program managers among us, build out that top left quadrant with chat.

Here's a catalog of the GovCon GPT Smart Cards

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