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Module 0: GovCon GPT Master Class

Module 0: GovCon GPT Master Class

Generative AI is a skill that everyone in GovCon needs to have going forward, This master class is designed to help you gain those skills


Generative AI is here to stay. As such, there will be two types of people in the government contracting industry in the near future: those who use AI and thrive, and those who don’t and become unemployed. Let’s make YOU the former not the latter.

But AI is confusing, it’s moving fast, and the “simple” tutorials are often anything but. So we assembled this master class to help GovCon folks up-skill to this new technology easily and conveniently.

Course Format

Here’s how the course works, each module includes:

  1. a long form text to read and leverage
  2. 📣 wonk notes give you factoids to add to your subject matter expertise (to drop around the water cooler)
  3. a practical step you can take at the end of each module to put your skills to use
  4. an online community to help you out

New modules will drop on a regular basis, at least weekly so you have fresh content to consume and skills to up.

So, read the article, follow the practical exercise, and share about it in the LinkedIn group.

We include all of our prompts freely so you can try them yourself, modify them for your purposes, and even share them in your own content if you choose. This course and all of it’s contents are the property of UseRogue.com and are offered under the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 License. You are free to adapt and reuse provided (1) that you provide attribution and link to the original work, and (2) you share alike.

Cool thing for YOU: if you have an idea for a content segment, you contribute a content segment, or contribute to a content segment, you get credit too. This is a community effort, we will learn and grow together.

Important Notes

©️You are free to adapt and reuse provided (1) that you provide attribution and link to the original work, and (2) you share alike. This course and all of its contents are the property of UseRogue.com and are offered under the Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 License. If you want to reuse, all you have to do is copy and paste this disclaimer and include it in your work: “Brought to you in part by UseRogue.com under CC BY-SA 4.0

⏩The link to the next module is at the end of each module, we encourage you to go through each one.

🪵Like AI, this course will evolve and grow, we will keep a change log at the end of this article to keep you up to date on those changes

Practical Exercise:

  1. review the course outline below
  2. join the LinkedIn Community group (optional but encouraged)
  3. find the YouTube channel
  4. share this course with at least one friend whom you think would benefit and invite them to the LinkedIn group if you can

Course Outline

  1. What is a GPT and why should I care? - Intro to generative models
    1. The value proposition of generative models in GovCon
    2. Your junior writing assistant
    3. Some words of caution
    4. How to make your writing not sound like GPT
  2. AI Model Catalog
    1. Text
    2. Image
    3. Video
    4. Voice and Audio
  3. Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks
    1. Take Notes
    2. RTFM/LMGTFY/Check the rules
    3. ChatGPT pro tips
  4. Text Generation
    1. Intro to Text Prompt Engineering
    2. Your First Useful Generation
    3. Advanced Prompting
  5. Proposal Tasks
    1. Company Capability Statement
    2. SBIR/STTR Proposals
    3. Turn a SOO into a SOW
    4. AI For Capture Part 1
    5. AI For Capture Part 2
    6. OTA Proposals
    7. RFI/Source Sought Response
    8. RFP Summarization
    9. Technical Approach Idea Generation
    10. Intro to Proposal Content Generation
      1. Intro Compliance Matrix
      2. Technical Approach
      3. Management Approach
    11. Intro to Cost Volume
    12. Intro to Resumes
    13. Advanced Proposal Writing
  6. Business Tasks
    1. SBA 8(a) Social Disadvantage Narrative
    2. Intro to Monthly Status Reports
    3. PowerPoint Decks
    4. Memos and Other Documents
    5. Document Analysis
    6. Summarize content into talking points
    7. Trip Itineraries
  7. Security
    1. Intro to Annual Training Slides
    2. Intro to CMMC/NIST Compliance Documents
  8. Image Generation
    1. Intro to Image Prompt Engineering
    2. Blog or Social post images
    3. Realistic Images
    4. Artistic images
    5. Using your own images
    6. Outpainting
    7. Merging
    8. Image to Text
  9. Video
    1. Video Pitch
    2. Blog-to-VLOG
    3. Product Overview Briefs
    4. Company Standard Training
  10. Voice and Audio
    1. Text-to-speech
    2. Text-to-music
  11. Other
    1. Playing with Data
    2. Writing Code
    3. Text to app prototyping
    4. Build a company website
  12. Bringing It Together
    1. Cross-prompting

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